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Warped Circle Tank Top | Shop For Four-Way Stretch Fabric Tank Tops Today
Warped Circle Tank Top | Shop For Four-Way Stretch Fabric Tank Tops Today
Warped Circle Tank Top | Shop For Four-Way Stretch Fabric Tank Tops Today



Warped Circle Tank

Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

Are you tired of wearing the same uninspiring athletic wear to work out in? Do you feel like your look needs a little kick? Then check out the cutests looks in athleisure wear today at Grit & Zest. Adding a stylish but also highly functional look like the circle tank top, may be just what your workout outfit needs.

Comfort And Function

You work hard, play hard, and also like to lounge around like a champion. So then it only makes sense you’ll want to be suited up in this activewear that is not only supremely comfortable but also super chic. The Warped Circle Tank not only will give you all the room you need to bend, lift, bound, jog, squat, and downward dog, but it also will showcase your sharp fashion sense.

Athletic And Stylish

This circle tank top is the ideal pairing with our comfortable and unique sports bras. Plus they are a perfect alternative to uncomfortably tight workout shirts. Rock your workout or hang out like a rock star in this top that is an explosion of color and design. This circle tank top is also an amazing statement piece when paired with a hip jacket, denim jeans, or leggings.

Ideal Materials

The Warped Circle Tank Top is made of advanced tech and well-designed material. These tanks are both fast drying and anti-wicking. Plus, its special four-way stretch fabric can bend and move with whatever pose you’re ready to strike. It also features side slits for increased and easy movement, plus contrasting panels with a wicking, breathable mesh.

These tops are made with durable materials such as Polyester, Spandex, and Nylon, so it’s easy to wash and care for as well!

Get your Warped Circle Tank today at Grit & Zest!

  • Pairing solution for our sports bras
  • Loose-fitting
  • made of anti-wicking, fast-drying, and four-way stretching tech fabric
  • Side slits for easy movement
  • Contrasting panels in breathable mesh


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