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About Grit & Zest

At Grit & Zest, our mission is a simple one. Making affordable, comfortable, and fashionable performance athletic wear accessible to you. We believe that you should have access to quality athleisure clothing and accessories that can travel with you through your day. Our products provide the flexibility your life needs. That’s why we’ve created a full line of clothing that are made for living life, not just gym time. Running errands, lounging around the house, and coffee dates are just a few of the daily activities that our items are designed to see you through.

Grit & Zest was founded because of a lack of proper market representation in athleisure. We noticed that there wasn’t a truly casual and purposeful athleisure line that was designed for people of diverse gender, age, cultural, and geographic backgrounds. No two people are the same, and no two people dress and move the same. When we realized this, we decided it was time to turn the fashion athleisure industry on its head by becoming the first athleisure brand truly designed for the people.

Using our diverse backgrounds, we created our first line of products with the everyday person in mind. It’s not all hard-earned sweat and gym hours everytime you wear athleisure. Sometimes you want to look and feel good in flexible, fashionable, and casual athletic inspired wear. That is why we’ve designed purposeful athleisure that is fashionable enough for school, work, and daily activities. Our quality products are designed for wearing every day, and they always will be.

The majority of our creative and marketing team are centered in New York City, while our sales management and distribution center is located in Houston, Texas. We aim to bring our products to you on a national and even global scale. For production and development, we have partnered with production facilities overseas, and work closely to bring quality products to you quickly so that you can start living your days in comfort and style.

Comfort and transformative fashion are the staples that set us apart. That is something we have made a priority since day one. What we have been able to create is athleisure clothing that will perform at optimal levels with your body, and move with you in your day-to-day life. We hope you love our products as much as we do, and that they enhance your daily lifestyle.

Our customers are our community. Since the day we decided to create a brand that represented the people and the real lives they lead, we have become based in that community. We draw inspiration from you, and pay attention to your unique needs. If you have ideas, concepts, or requests regarding athleisure products, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us!



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