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Women’s Athleisure Trends and Must-Haves for 2020

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A new year brings new fashion opportunities! Grit & Zest loves any excuse to clean out the wardrobe and add something fabulous. A new wardrobe also can mean a new you. If you’re ready to update your look, get ready because it’s time to break down the latest athleisure trends.

2020 Vision—2020 Fashion

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New Year Resolutions are usually focused on getting your blood pumping, gaining a new outlook, refreshing your style, and trying new things. When your outfit is on point, this can make a big difference in your confidence or approach to things in your life. After all, who wants to go to the gym and work out in front of other people if you’re embarrassed about something like an outdated outfit?

At Grit & Zest, we want you to feel your best about the new year and any resolutions you might have made towards creating a better, healthier, and happier you. This year has a ton of unique and fun athleisure trends specifically designed to support you!


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If you’re a busy mom, you have probably felt a little jealousy over how easy it is to put a onesie on a baby and suddenly they’re dressed, cute, and comfortable. Now imagine if you could share the joy by having your own onesie. With the Liberty Onezie, that dream is a reality! A onesie is one of the ultimate comfort clothing options available, and the fact that they’re an athleisure trend is a major bonus. When you work out or go through your yoga class, you’ll forget you’re wearing active gym wear at all.

Reviews on our Liberty Onezie say this suit feels buttery soft and looks so great that it will change your opinion on one-piece athleisure. Made with extra compressive fabric and breathable mesh to help you look and feel comfortable all day, you’ll never want to change your outfit.


The most important thing about the athleisure trend is that this type of clothing is great for both working out and hanging out. Our collection of leggings and capris do both. Leggings are so versatile- you can customize your look with a wide selection of tops. You can go for some stylish black leggings to compliment a bright and bold top, or switch it up by wearing black on top and vibrant colored leggings on the bottom.

Leggings like the Polygon Breezy Leggings and Sabrina Breezy Leggings will bring some color to your look and brighten up your style. These leggings have mesh panels for breathability and flatlock seams to keep you compressed and free of rubbing. High-quality, high results.

New Year, New You

Grit & Zest brings you all of the exclusive, active gym wear trends and styles to ensure that you are prepared for this new year and new you. Shop today to get the latest in today’s athleisure trends!

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