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What Shirt To Wear With Yoga Pants

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A woman in purple yoga pants and a purple top stands on a rock facing the camera

Are you as in love with your favorite yoga pants as we are? Do you want to wear them to every occasion, in and outside of your gym workouts? Well, you’re not alone! And there’s nothing wrong with sporting those ultra-comfy pants, especially when paired with the right women’s athleisure top.

Read on to learn what is the perfect shirt to wear with yoga pants!

The great thing about yoga pants is their versatility. So, because of this, you can take your fashion choices in a lot of different directions but still look amazing and feel as comfortable as though you just rolled out of bed. And who doesn’t love that combination? With key choices in fabric, texture, color, and style, you can take your look from casual, to cool, to chic, with just the change of a shirt and some fun accessories!

Feeling Casual?

women’s althleisure top with floral pattern

Roses Circle Tank ($25)

If you’re looking for a casual look to go out and meet pals in, or maybe do some shopping and grab a delicious bite, then the perfect shirt to wear with yoga pants could be a casual fun tee or tank. Remember that you can choose between lots of different colors, textures, and patterns to give your look flair. While one option is to go with a classic white t-shirt, you can always upgrade that white tee look by going for a crisp button-up collard shirt. This will take your shirt game to the next level. Pair the outfit with some classic black yoga pants, fun black booties, and a chunky necklace, and you’ve got a sassy and sophisticated look that will keep you feeling sharp throughout your entire day.

Going Out?

black ribbon capri leggings

Black Ribbon Capris ($36)

Or maybe you’re looking to find a sassy outfit for a night of dancing? Athleisure and activewear are not only for the gym or yoga studio these days! You can take an adorable workout outfit and also wear it to a night on the town. Just add a few key elements of accessories, and you’re the funky kid on the block that’s ready to show off your moves. Another way to wear a shirt with yoga pants is by pairing a playful capri with a fun patterned or sheer athletic top. Layer on top a sweatshirt with a bold color pattern or logo and some outrageous sneakers and you’ve got a fabulous streetwear look ready to rock. Feel confident and choose bold colors that compliment your look. Or try contrasting patterns and textures to give added dimension to your overall aesthetic.

Another way to wear a shirt with yoga pants is to add a sharp and clean black blazer. Start with a thin pull-over shirt, then go ahead and layer that sharp blazer. Depending on the time of year, add a pair of tall boots to dominate the outfit. Or, if you’re in a warmer season, try adding a short bootie, or a fun summer wedge shoe. This look is sharp and classic, and will never go out of style. Those yoga pants will continue to give you comfort while you give yourself the fashion upgrade.

Find Your Comfort

A woman in black yoga pants sits in profile on the ground in front of a rock

With so many different style options out there, remember to be fearless in your fashion. It’s fun and an easy way to express yourself. If you remember to vary up your colors, textures, and patterns in your other pieces and you’re sure to find a style that is comfortable and uniquely you!

For other ways to wear a shirt with yoga pants, check out Grit & Zest for a wide variety of shirts, yoga pants, and sports bras that are not only adorable but also within your budget!

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