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The Future of Athleisure Fashion: It’s Here to Stay

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What is athleisure fashion? Where did it come from? Is it just another fad that will fade away with time, like fanny packs or oversized outfits?

Athleisure is activewear and sportswear that has enough versatility you can wear it in and out of the gym. The style is casual, comfortable, and easy to wear for all age groups and genders.

The most common athleisure pieces are leggings, tank tops, and sports bras. As a trend, it is worn as workout clothes, casual attire, school clothes, and for nights on the town. While many were skeptical when this trend first emerged, athleisure isn’t taking a rest. It continues to grow from a millennial trend to a fashion athletic wear mainstay.

woman in geometric leggings

How did Athleisure Fashion Become a Trend?

Athleisure is so versatile because it provides comfort and function without compromising on style. Wearing leggings to the store or even on a date has become a normal thing. Modern lifestyle is busy, and most people don’t want to haul around a change of clothes unless it’s absolutely necessary. Athleisure was born to help you save time and energy when it comes to fashion. You can meet your friends for lunch and do some shopping before you hit the gym, without looking sloppy or feeling uncomfortable.

What Fuels the Trend?

The rise in awareness level for nutritional eating, fitness and lifestyle goals, and global influences have continued to propel this trend. The fitness industry is highly promoted, and more people are concerned about living a healthy lifestyle than ever before. Fitness influencers are continuing to grow their social media audiences, and new influencers are constantly appearing. Even celebrities are jumping on the athleisure fashion trend. It’s not uncommon to see a movie star posing in a sports bra to promote their health routine. Even corporate organizations are starting to provide gym memberships or fitness incentives to their employees to promote a healthy lifestyle.


What Makes Athleisure Great?

Athletic brands have made further improvements in the production of athleisure outfits using new materials and technology. At Grit & Zest, we focus on producing high-quality performance athletic wear fashion at a cost-effective price. Our activewear uses high-quality fabrics that are made of anti-wicking, breathable, fast-drying and four-way stretch tech materials. This means that products like our Warped Circle Tank or Sabrina Breezy Leggings will always be comfortable, functional, and stylish!

Is it Here to Stay?

More and more people are focusing on their health and fitness, and no one wants to hit the gym in a pair of skinny jeans or a wool sweater. As long as people are working up a sweat and trying to fit the gym into their busy lives, there will be a need for athleisure fashion. So hang on to your favorite pair of leggings, because you’ll be needing them for quite a long time!

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