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Putting “Fun” Back Into Workouts

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Woman doing yoga pose in athleisure wear on the sand

Working out doesn’t have to be done on fancy machines in a cookie cutter gym where everyone stands around staring at each other. That may be a good choice for rainy and cold days, but when spring has sprung with beautiful flowers all around or when summer hits tempting you to take a run on a sandy beach, you know it’s time to get outside and “play” with a fun workout!

If you are a nature lover, then get outside and take a hike through a forest. Hiking can be just as beneficial as jogging on a treadmill, only you will get to soak in all of the local animal and plant life. A hike through a forest can also be a great excursion to get your friends interested in nature AND exercising. Since you will be out in the elements, dress appropriately for the occasion. Remember to wear bug spray from spring into early fall. In summer, wear clothes that will breathe easy and be fast drying with anti-wicking fabric. All of Grit & Zest’s athleisure lifestyle clothing is designed to do just that, keep you dry and comfortable while enjoying fun workouts. Pair a tank top with some capris and you are ready to run the Appalachian Trail!

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If you live in a city, the forests and mountains may be too far away for your weekly fun workouts. Most cities will have multiple parks and recreation areas for you to enjoy. Use your navigation app and search for “parks nearby,” and you will likely see parks you never even knew were there. You can often find “rails to trails” paths that were once a working railroad line but have been decommissioned and converted to a walking path for the community. Parks can be great places not only for walking and jogging, but for group activities like yoga, adult kickball, and martial arts. Or you may just merely want to take your dog for a walk (Fido needs his daily exercise too!).

Swimming is part of a fun workout that can be short-lived when the temperature drops. So take advantage of it while you can and hit up the beach, find a lake nearby, or popular spots along rivers. If you happen upon a good swimming hole and aren’t prepared with a swimsuit, don’t be afraid to jump in with a sports bra and some workout shorts!

There are tons of other activities that can put “fun” back into workouts. Hop on a bicycle, strap on some roller blades, play some basketball or soccer. You can even start a garden (trust me, they’re a lot of work)! Whatever you decide is going to be a part of your athleisure lifestyle, dress for success with Grit & Zest’s line of athletic loungewear. Perfect for working up a sweat or having a relaxing picnic. Discover the new arrivals collection and get started with fun workouts!

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