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New to the Game: Getting Started with an Active Lifestyle

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Empty room with women lifting small barbells in athleisure wear

So you’ve decided to get started with an active lifestyle and get in shape. You’ve taken the first step and now you need to follow through with self-discipline and sheer willpower. Retaining the willpower to improve your body and mind are the hardest parts of working out, but don't ever get discouraged! Once you start your workout routine, stick with it, and it will soon become a normal part of your week.

If you’re like me, you probably starting working out before you realized how essential it is to have clothing that will work with you and not against you. For example, if you have taken up running, you will see that it is a high impact activity with motions that will affect your body in uncomfortable ways. Those old tennis shoes that were good for kickin’ it on walks around town are not so good for cushioning and properly supporting the arches of your feet. Once you buy a good pair of running sneakers, you will feel like you are running on clouds.

Woman flexing her arm wearing athleisure bra and bottoms

Another key feature of your athletic outfit will include a good sports bra. Sports bras come in different levels of impact and you will want to buy one that feels appropriate with your chest size and the activities you will be performing. I tend to gravitate towards high impact sports bras for running and medium impact for dancing. If you are just starting out trying different exercises, you may want to buy a couple of each until you find what works best for your body. Sports bras can be worn by themselves as tops or under other garments. Wearing a sports bra alone as a top can be unusual and uncomfortable for timid girls just starting an active lifestyle around others in the gym, so you may want to pair it with a cute tank top.

When you first shop attire for an active lifestyle, you may get intimidated with all the super serious brands and styles. Grit & Zest is athleisure clothing that is designed to be sassy and casual, yet functional. Ditch the old school sweatpants and check out Grit & Zest leggings and capris that feature sexy mesh paneling and contouring designs. You may just give up your everyday jeans for these comfortable bottoms that can be worn for everyday occasions. Grit & Zest also offers the new Liberty Onezie, which is made for ultra compression to keep you looking your absolute best until you reach your dream body.

You have taken the first step into an active lifestyle and now you need to stick with it! Find your inner strength and match it with athleisure wear that will make you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside while getting in shape. Be sure to take a look at Grit & Zest’s new arrivals for the latest athletic clothing, and take a peek at the coming soon section to see what will be arriving next!

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