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Layers—The Secret to a Casual Look

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woman smiling in pullover

Creating a stylish but casual athleisure look is all about subtlety. No one wants to look sloppy, but you also don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard when you’re supposed to be going for something casual. So how do you look both casual and stylish in a nonchalant way? We have one word for you: layers.

Layers of Opportunities

The cool thing about wearing layers is you can get super creative and artsy with your picks, and you can transform your whole outfit by swapping one or two pieces. Pair leggings and a tank top with a leather jacket to give your layered outfit some edge, or swap the jacket for a comfy pullover for a cozier style. Then add some jewelry or makeup to complete your athleisure outfit. Even a small change can transform your outfit from morning errands to a night out with friends.

Tank Tops

woman in green circle tank

Grit & Zest’s tank tops are awesome because in addition to the gym, you can wear them as an everyday shirt and they layer beautifully. Depending on their color, you can easily pair these versatile tops with a light jacket, sweater, or even your favorite flannel. Pair them with your favorite pair of jeans while you’re out on the town, and swap the jeans for your favorite pair of capris or leggings when it’s time to work up a sweat.


One of the major reasons you may want a casual look is because you want to be comfortable. Pullovers are the ultimate addition for layered outfits because they’re lightweight and loose enough that you can wear any top underneath! Pair your pullover with your favorite leggings or your best jeans, and you’ll turn heads whether you’re at the gym or the office.

woman in black sports bra

Sports Bras

Everyone knows sports bras are a necessary part of yoga class or your time at the gym, but most of the time you probably wouldn’t want to hit the bookstore or a lunch meeting without a little more coverage. This is where layered outfits come in handy. Sports bras can fit into your casual look any time, not just when you’re working up a sweat. Instead of limiting your sports bra wear to your time in the gym, wear it with your regular outfits to enjoy comfort and support all day.

Constant Creative Comfort

We know it’s not enough to look amazing or feel comfortable—you need both. Creative comfort is what we do at Grit & Zest, and we’re constantly coming up with new athleisure outfits just for you. Keep an eye on our New Arrivals to stay on top of the latest styles.

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