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How to Wear Workout Leggings

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A woman in black leggings, black booties, and a black and white winter jacket

We all know that athleisure pants are the most comfortable clothing design since the invention of the slipper. But sometimes figuring out how to wear workout leggings can seem challenging. Perhaps you’re wondering ways to wear them outside of the gym. Leggings no longer have to be relegated to simple workouts but have now graduated to becoming a main staple in every person’s wardrobe. Read on to discover the different ways you can style your leggings and discover that the comfort and support you get from your workouts can translate into your day-to-day fashion as well!

Fabric Choices

When it comes to asking how to wear workout leggings, the first thing you want to consider is fabric choices. Matte fabrics look more sophisticated and can be more versatile than shiny fabrics. Thicker leggings or ones that are lined can be a good choice for the cooler months and those moments when you need to make sure no one can see through them. Couple a warm pair of leggings with a cozy sweater, thick, slouchy socks, and boots and you have a look that may be warm on the inside but cool and funky on the outside.

Whereas thinner fabrics and leggings that include mesh can be great for the hotter months. Sandals, a lacy flowing top, and a bright pair of leggings make the perfect spontaneous summer outfit.

Colors and Patterns

raspberry leggings with mesh fabric

Raspberry Breezy Leggings ($45)

One of the most fantastic things about the world of leggings today is that there are so many different styles, colors, and patterns to choose from. Depending on your mood, you can pair a wild print with a solid colored t-shirt, a denim jacket, and sneakers for a casual day look or go with a more classic black legging and spice up your attire with a colorful button-up shirt, floppy hat, and accessories.

Layering is Key

Layering is another great answer to the question of how to wear workout leggings. If you’ve got an adorable summer dress, but it’s too sheer to wear on its own, consider layering a pair of brightly colored leggings underneath and a fun sports bra on top. Feel free to add more layers on top like, a light flowing cardigan with a neutral color and even a jeans jacket over top. Add to it a playful charm necklace and a colorful scarf and you’ve got a summer look that is tres chic.

Layers also allow for a variance in the weather. So no matter if things heat up or cool down, you’ll be amply prepared!

Shoes to Change Your Mood

woman wearing matching multi-colored leggings and sports bra

The tone of your outfit can change as quickly as you can tie a bow. You can wear workout leggings with running sneakers and a classic tank top, and with just by changing your shoe to a bootie or a playful sandal, take your look from gym ready to brunch ready. Thick and chunky heels work great with leggings too as you’ll stay comfortable while getting the height boost from your heel.

Add Movement

There’s also a great deal of fun in making your workout leggings transform from sporty to high fashion. If you can add movement to your look such as with a flowing blouse, or a playful jacket with fringe, you can create a cool contrast between top and bottom, while maintaining the great lines of your shape!

Plus, when chosing a capri legging vs. a full-length legging, you can get an even more versatile look by adding such elements as a classic loafer shoe, a crisp button-up shirt, an armful of bangles, or a sassy fedora.

No matter how you decide to wear your workout leggings, just remember to vary up your colors, textures, and patterns in your other pieces and you’re sure to find a style that is comfortable and uniquely you!

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