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How to Pair Your Cute Athleisure Outfit with Jewelry and Makeup

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woman’s legs in black leggings with bracelet

Activewear is no longer created or designed for the sole purpose of working out or for a sport. With the emergence of athleisure from a millennial trend to a fashion mainstay, you can wear your activewear as a cool, casual clothing option!

Since athleisure is here to stay, it makes sense to pair your favorite makeup and accessories with these fun and casual but totally functional outfits. Throw on some eyeliner, the Warped Breezy Leggings, and your favorite necklace, and you’ll forever be ‘Insta Ready’ for posting in your cute athleisure outfits! Keep reading to learn how you can accessorize your everyday athleisure look while staying fashionable.

Simple and Versatile Jewelry

With the rise of modern minimalist fashion and the search for quality and versatility, a simple pair of gold or silver hoop earrings and a thin chain necklace or bracelet is all a girl needs to rock a solid women’s athletic outfit! You will never go wrong wearing these functional pieces with your black or solid color leggings.

woman in black athleisure with bracelet

If you are wearing color bottoms like the Emerald Ribbon Capris, you can pair them with a small pendant in a similar or matching color. It’s as easy as that to accessorize a cute athleisure outfit with jewelry!

Add some Accessories

A pair of aviator sunglasses or a baseball cap will add the perfect street style touch to your athleisure look. You can mix up your accessories to give the same outfit a new look every time you wear it. Just remember not to go overboard. Keep things simple and stick to just a few accessories so you don’t detract from your outfit and cute athleisure pieces like the Raspberry Boom Sports Bra Tank.

Protect Your Skin

If you’re going to the gym on your lunch break or after work, you may not have the time or supplies to remove and reapply your makeup. Working out and building up a sweat with a full face of everyday cosmetics can cause acne flare-ups and sweat streaks, but there are now more makeup products aimed specifically for use at and after the gym! Choose a makeup line that is non-comedogenic – meaning they won’t block pores if you are heading out for exercise. You also want waterproof formulas so your sweat doesn’t mess up your look.

Coordinate Your Makeup Shades

A good workout can change your complexion and make your skin look more red than usual. To fight off the red-in-the-face look, use a foundation that delivers light or medium coverage. For an added bonus, use one that has SPF or moisturizer mixed in.

You can also skip the foundation and opt for a simple swipe of lip gloss and waterproof mascara that elevates women’s athletic outfits. Pair the Raspberry Circle Tank with a similar raspberry color lip gloss to stand out in a cute athleisure outfit at yoga class. Our tops and leggings/capris come in different colors and prints. Pick your favorite and wear a matching eyeshadow or lip color for a fun and flirty look.

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