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Cute Outfits For Moms On The Go

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A woman carries a child on her back as they stand on the grass and are silhouetted by the setting sun

Are you a busy mom who has to balance a busy life of family, work, playdates, errands, and social time with friends? It can seem overwhelming when you add it all up, and finding time to create cute and comfortable fashion looks that serve all your needs can be daunting.

Read on to discover cute outfits for moms on the go. You’ll see there are many ways to get the comfort you need without sacrificing style or even losing weightBecause, when you’re a busy mom juggling a million things, you especially want to feel amazing. It’s essential to find outfits that look great no matter what life throws at you. Plus, you need it all to happen quickly because when you’ve only got a few minutes to yourself, you need to make those minutes count!

With a few key pieces in your wardrobe, you can create lots of fun combos that will easily go from home, to work, to play, and beyond.

Bottoms That Work With Everything

women wearing mesh yoga pants

One of the best fashion inventions to come around in the past few years is the irreplaceable athleisure pants. This flexible, form-fitting, flattering and functional article of clothing is one that no one should be without.

They can easily be dressed up or down depending on what you need. A great staple for every active mom should be the standard black legging. These little guys are more versatile than tofu. You can suit up for a day at the gym, or pair them with a comfy loose sweater for afternoon errands. Or try pairing those same leggings with a cute tank top and jacket for a night out with friends.

Cute sports outfits with leggings are also a main staple for moms on the go. Make sure you’ve got comfortable shoes, as this makes all the difference in the world! Then find a sports bra or athleisure top that gives you great support and makes you feel confident. Even if you’re the only one seeing it! It’ll feel like your secret weapon against any challenge that comes your way. Plus, when adding the right breathable top, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.


Layering can be a lifesaver when it comes to dressing on the go, especially when you’ve got multiple little ones to look after as well. Just remember that layering allows you to go from casual daywear, to afternoon work clothes, to stylish evening wear faster than you can say, “wardrobe change!”

Another suggestion for cute outfits for moms on the go: try pairing a basic tee, but choose one with color, to give your outfit pop. Then from there, try adding a fun cardigan or patterned button up.

A playful sweater can keep you warm when it’s still chilly outside but also can help to make your casual look feel more complete. If you go with a neutral color, you can then play up the other elements in your outfit, such as colorful, patterned leggings to give your whole look an added kick. Add a classic scarf either in the same neutral color palette or go for a pop of color here too. Throw on a fun pair of classic, old-school sneakers or low rise booties and you’re ready for everything that comes your way.

What’s On Your Feet?

woman in leggings and sneakers running

Speaking of shoes, depending on what plans you have in your day, something as simple as a shoe change can transform your look from casual to professional in one quick move. By swapping out those fun and funky sneakers for a classic pair of loafers, you’ve just elevated your look.

If you are rocking a cute sports outfit with leggings, feel free to get adventurous with your footwear. You can wear a fun pair of joggers and then add a chunky-heeled bootie give your look flair, but still maintain comfort and chic!


woman in leggings and simple top standing in a rock quarry

Another great idea for cute outfits for moms on the go is accessorizing. Adding little elements to your outfit will give you comfort, plus help to sharpen up even the most casual of outfits. Try adding multiple bangles for a musical conversation piece, or charm bracelet with individual charms that have special meaning to you. Or perhaps a playful and chunky belt is more your style. Pairing a low slung belt over a colorful tee and classic black leggings is a chic look any mom can confidently wear.

Don’t forget how versatile a great scarf can be as well! Whether you wear it as a scarf, headband, or shawl, it can compliment whatever you’re wearing.

Or perhaps what your outfit needs on your busiest days is a hat. Even a playful baseball cap or wide-brimmed hat can transform your casual look to something that is uniquely stylish. Pair it with a playful athletic top and a casual blazer and you’ve got a fashion-forward look that is comfortable and looks amazing.

Being a mom today can sometimes mean having to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. And often there is little time to take care of your own needs while trying to take care of everyone else. But with these little tips and tricks, you can always look and feel your best in clothes that are both comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear.

For more great ideas for cute outfits for moms on the go, head to Grit and Zest today and find all the looks you need and want today!

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