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Casual Activewear to Rock In and Out of the Gym

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If you’re like us, you probably love to wear athleisure all day every day, whether it’s at the gym or getting a cup of joe at your favorite coffee house. But have you ever wondered if you are wearing your casual activewear the right (or wrong) way? With athleisure currently trending, how do you choose a style, wear it comfortably and still maintain your sense of style? Keep reading to discover the different ways you can wear stylish activewear with Grit & Zest in and out of the gym!

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One Stop Tops

Tops are such a versatile piece that you can pair with any style of leggings, capris, joggers or your favorite jeans. They’re perfect for throwing on before walking the dog - even if he catches a scent and takes you on a hike! Also, keep this casual activewear handy for a night on the town with the girls after your yoga class. The possibilities here are endless. Get a functional look like the Circle Tank Top. In addition to being cute and comfortable, it will give you all the room you need to bend, lift, bound, jog, squat, and downward dog, but it will also showcase your sharp fashion sense!

Best Bottoms

At Grit & Zest, we believe your leggings should speak to you. Whether it’s sophisticated, grown-up neutrals or monochromatic palettes, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect pair to add to your stylish activewear collection! It’s easy to choose a bottom for any kind of look you feel like creating that day, but you can never go wrong with a casual activewear go-to like a pair of black leggings. Pair them with a sweater or graphic t-shirt for a modern and clean look. We have bottoms in different cuts, colors, and styles in case you need to run to the store right after the gym. No one will be the wiser!

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Lovin’ the Layers

With cold weather at our doorstep, selecting a must-have staple of outerwear will help you transition your athleisure through the season. Elevate your outfit by layering with cardigans, utility jackets, trench coats or higher-end pieces of leather jackets over your tops and leggings. Our Serenity Pullover is one such versatile piece in your wardrobe that can be incorporated easily into any of your casual activewear! The black dolman mesh gives a glimpse of what you’re wearing underneath so you look and feel sexy. You can’t go wrong with this top!

Show-Stopping Shoes

Sneakers are an athleisure go-to piece, so seeking out a fashionable sneaker to pair with your leggings or athleisure top is the first option when you’re trying to choose the perfect pair of shoes to wear with your stylish activewear. The trick is finding a pair that is durable, comfortable, and cute at the same time. Fresh white sneakers are always a fashion-forward option!

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