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5 Athleisure Wear Pieces Perfect for Yoga Class

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Woman doing a handstand in yoga pants

Ah, Yoga. What is it about this millennia-old practice that has captured all of our hearts? More and more, this incredibly effective exercise has taken the world by storm, to the point that many practitioners feel completely thrown off without their weekly regiment. Whether you’re young or old, there’s always something to gain from yoga, whether it’s exercise, relaxation, or just an overall feel-good activity.

Don’t Forget Your Yoga Pants and Sports Bras

You may never tire of this inclusive sport, but you might find yourself wondering just what it is you should wear to yoga class. It would be strange to show up in your work blazer or a pair of jeans, so you’ll want to invest in some great athleisure wear. Check out yoga pants, sports bras, and athletic yoga tops in our list of the five perfect pieces to wear to yoga class.

Circle Tank Top

Our collection of Circle Tank Tops—such as the loose and breezy tank top—functions well not only in the gym but also for casual out-and-about occasions. Perfect for layering, this tank is great for a piece that you can wear all day before a late yoga class! Incredibly versatile, this piece can be worn loosely or knotted in the front to give your usual look a new twist.

Woman sitting on a rock wearing yoga pants

Breezy Yoga Pants

You might think you have to make some compromising choice between comfort, support, and style. With our breezy yoga pants, you can have it all. With fast-drying and four-way-stretch material, these leggings ensure you’ll feel comfortable throughout your yoga session without the need to constantly readjust.

Valley Sports Bra

This sports bra is designed with medium impact activity in mind, so it’s perfect for yoga. The fabric is breathable and wicks moisture so you won’t have to deal with that horribly uncomfortable sensation of a soaked sports bra. This is definitely a bra that you can wear for much more than just exercise, which is why it is also designed with style in mind!

Woman sitting on a chair in leggings and a pullover

Serenity Pullover

The Serenity Pullover is just as cute as it is functional. The loose fit creates an incredibly comfortable workout experience, and you’ll be tempted to wear it for much more than just working out. In fact, the only problem you’re likely to have with this athletic yoga top is when you want to wear it but it’s in your dirty clothes pile.

Swirl Capri Leggings

Our swirl capri leggings allow you to look and feel good not only when you’re working out, but when you’re completing the rest of your day in between. These are the perfect pair of leggings for when you don’t have time for anything else. The swirl pattern adds a glamorous touch to an already comfortable and functional pair of yoga pants.

Don’t let your clothes hold you back from a fantastic yoga experience. Shop athleisure at Grit & Zest today for fun styles that are designed to move with you.

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